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Dexter, Michigan

Repeaters located within 10 miles
Dexter446.150 -100.0W8SRC<1 m
Pinckney Hell1294.480 -D-STARK8LCD<6 m
147.210 +D-STARK8LCD<6 m
444.0625 +D-STARK8LCD<6 m
Ann Arbor224.38 -W8PGW<7 m
29.640 -114.8WD8DPA<7 m
442.35 +<7 m
443.5 +100.0W8PGW<7 m
444.975 +107.2WD8DPA<7 m
145.15 -100N8DUY<7 m
146.74 -107.2WB8UPM<7 m
146.96 -W8PGW<7 m
224.34 -W8UHW<7 m


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